WITH RED SHOES ON Sam & Emma Take Centre Stage At Elite Business Live


 Quite honestly, we can’t say that Excel London is the easiest of venues to get to – but once decamped there was plenty going on. Wall-to-wall with speakers (our Sam & Emma being the main talking point) seminars, workshops and networking, Elite Business Live sort to bring the best of British small businesses together to discuss the most effective methods to secure growth and build smarter enterprises.

As we all know, SME’s are continually under pressure to not only compete with their larger counterparts, but also to grow and retain their customer base in order to survive. So our presentation “Small business. Big impact: how to take on the big boys and win – Win over women and the men will follow” served to show and explain, both to Entrepreneur’s and SME’s, how best to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, by using our own unique marketing tools it is possible to find other and better ways of making a big impact when operating in a market dominated by major players with huge promotional budgets.

By shifting the focus away from splashing cash on large advertising campaigns and discount promotions to the creation of a more intuitive, customer centric business, small businesses are able to get up-close-and-personal with their customers. In this way, they can develop more meaningful and impactful ways to connect with them – without big bucks always being involved!


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And a critical part of this shift in focus is to consider how your business markets to women – after all they are the world’s biggest spender globally accounting for 85% of all purchasing decisions – it’s not always in the market sectors you imagine it to be…

So, the economic clout of women is clearly changing the way businesses and brands will operate over the coming decades. Brands that ignore the needs of women, or fail to connect with them on a more personal level, run the risk of missing a fantastic business opportunity and a chance to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

To summarise, our presentation demonstrated how insight into female consumers – and crafting your business personality, ethos, packaging, advertising, communication and product using these unique insights – can ensure your business and brand effectively appeals to both men and women.

 In short the key Key topics covered were:

  • The different triggers for men versus women and how to create a brand strategy that will appeal to both.
  • How to stop marketing to stereotypes and use customer insight to create a more sophisticated, nuanced approach that will resonate with your target audience.
  • How to use design as a means to create an intuitive, emotional connection with customers.
  • How to turn customers into advocates.

If you would like a PDF version of the above presentation “Small business. Big impact: how to take on the big boys and win – Win over women and the men will follow” please contact a member of the Redshoe Team at info@redshoedesign.co.uk














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