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WORLDWIDE, WOMEN REPRESENT a bigger growth opportunity than China and India combined. By 2020, it’s predicted that there will be more women than men millionaires.

Perhaps most tellingly of all, in an overwhelming number of households, in the western world at least, women have the power of veto.

So the question is not should you find better ways to understand and engage with them, but how? Through design, Redshoe can help you find the answers.

THERE ARE NO IFS OR BUTS about this. All the evidence suggests that, for women, relationships are what count more than anything else.

Relationships with people, but also with the brands they’re attracted to and the products they take home with them.

Build relationships with women through design and research shows that they make the most brand loyal consumers and advocates.

They’re 10 times more likely to recommend brands and products than men are.

WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT FROM MEN. We all know that. They have different values, different attitudes, different behaviours, priorities and preferences.

The important thing is to understand what these differences are and the impact they have in your market and on your brands and products.

Redshoe can help you build this understanding and apply it through design to earn the trust and loyalty of your women customers.

WOMEN’S CONTROL OF SPENDING means that brands need to address them not only in female facing categories, but across most, if not all market sectors.

We make it our business to listen and be in touch with what women want. We look at design from a woman’s point of view, recognising her unique values, needs and motivations.

By sharing our knowledge, we can help you develop female friendly brands and create intelligent, eloquent design that talks the language of women more effectively.

So the misunderstood half of your market will be able to say, finally, here’s a brand that understands me.

SPEAKING TO WOMEN THROUGH DESIGN is not just about communicating overtly female products. It’s about considering the female perspective and building it into design – female, male or gender neutral.

Redshoe’s mission is to find distinct ways of speaking directly to women and the good news is that the evidence shows that if you can do this effectively, you’ll also attract men.

As the most demanding, discerning and decision making of consumers, women are the catalyst for creating great brand experiences for everyone.

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