Redshoe Shares It’s Unique Planning Tools With Brand Leaders

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Redshoe Partner Manucore’s #PLF16

Manucore is where over 60 senior members of the Manucore community gather to debate, share ideas and network.

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Sam and Emma, Redshoe founders, spent time listening and speaking with executives from the likes of Coty, Coca-Cola, SCA, BIC, Danone, Dyson, Mars, Douwe, SABMiller, ABFoods, Decathlon etc. One common theme with these bigger brands, is that they are struggling to react quickly enough to shifts in consumerism – particularly at the same pace as SME and smaller emergent brands. This was particularly evident within the food and beverage sector, where giant brands have simply relied for too long on tried-and–true product favourites. Sam and Emma, who left their management roles at Anthem and Nestle, expressly to move away from traditional planning tools that they felt were failing brands, had the perfect opportunity to reveal and substantiate their own unique model;

FindHER InterpretHER  ConnectHER

Our Redshoe ladies, both experts in M2W and female-growth-strategy, gave a presentation on how they assimilate deeper consumer insight to create solutions that connect with consumers more effectively, on both an emotional and intuitive basis with brands they buy from.
The feedback was fantastic but we learned a lot too!

  • Key topics at PLF were configured to directly address common challenges, as below;
    Organising for growth
    Understanding retail
    Creating value through packaging
    Identifying new opportunities
    Using sustainable materials to drive packaging innovation
    Rethinking innovation: Going beyond traditional processes
    Establish brand loyalty through package design

Our thoughts on the matter – There are challenging times ahead for legacy brands and they need to act quickly. Step away from old models and try more innovative and connected approaches. Know the millennial mindset and their visual language, stay ahead of trends in your category, move with the ‘Wellness and Ethical’ shifts in consumerism and remember to disrupt, delight and differentiate! Was the trip worth it? Definitely…and we had time to see a little bit of Prague!


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