Yesterday this article here caught our eye. It talks of the future of marketing to women, and we couldn’t agree with it more.


Got to congratulate Unilever as a true champion of the cause – not only in creating some of the most memorable and progressive ads to date but in really investing in understanding their female consumers at a deeper level, not being satisfied with a one dimensional perspective.

Redshoe totally agree that stereotypes are still rife, even though they can be much more subtle. Figures don’t lie; 40% women say they don’t identify with the women in the ads. Marketers need to work harder at seeing it as she sees it, talking in her language. Women are complex, contradictory and highly demanding. We want brands to get us, to recognise how brands fit into our lives and yes make us laugh (and cry). This requires a more intuitive and empathetic approach, but when it works you have an advocate for life. Let her join the dots, use the power of an image, the subtle facial expression. Why oh why is it taking so long to get this message across!

Consumer’s relationships with brands is changing, it is time for marketing to get more personal. They demand different things from the brands they buy. From something transactional to more meaningful, from awareness to making a connection. It is unforgivable, but in our experience quite common that women still think they are portrayed as men see them, and not as they see themselves. We have been shouting this from the roof-tops; Unilever’s pledge surely must lead the way for other brands to consider looking at things through a female lens. It is about time!

So if women are important to your brand we whole-heartedly encourage you to read this article.

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