Lonely Strips Women Back To Reveal The Truth About Their Unique Diversity And Integrity


Marketing to women has never been so exciting and honest. It is stripping idealism and perfectionism right back and instead identifying with the core values of women, with more integrity and diversity than ever before. Lingerie brand, Lonely understands the effectiveness of this honesty and captures it brilliantly through simple and clear messaging in their journal series featuring candid portraits of  ‘inspiring women in their own spaces wearing Lonely, their way.’ And, in a recent article by The Marketing Blog the latest campaign by Lonely is featured as ‘a very body positive, un-retouched underwear campaign.’

 The celebration of marketing to women with more integrity comes as no surprise, in a pledge by Unilever earlier this year to unstereotype its advertising, after reports indicated that 40% of women didn’t identify with women portrayed in ads, marketing had a wake up call and brands were shaken up to reconsider their marketing and design strategies. Women need brands to get them – to invoke emotions – to show they understand the complexities of her lifestyle and the variety of roles she play everyday.

This requires a more intuitive and empathetic approach, and when brands get it right they get advocates for life. Use the power of an image; the subtle nuances of facial expression, and the insight humour can give into your understanding of her mind-set. We’ve said it time and time again and we will keep on saying it until it really resonates – if you want to engage with women, who are a highly influential audience, you need to start making more meaningful connections.

There is an exciting opportunity ahead, in building more honest and rewarding relationships with women though marketing and design – and RedShoe are already onboard to share this journey. It’s about getting to grips with all the different things that feed into the way women think and feel, and to understand how as a brand you can fit into her life!

If you need advice or support in marketing your brand to optimise engagement with your female consumer,  please contact out team at Redshoe.

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