Frightening facts that may alarm you..

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We apologise if you find some of these facts

and figures disturbing …

..but we think you ought know.

One of your consumers is buying or influencing 85% all brand purchases and is responsible for

  70% of all consumer spending  

66% of computing sales
65% of new cars
93% of OTC pharmaceutical purchases
80% of Healthcare
93% of food and drink
89% of Bank Accounts

So WHO is it? and WHY is it important you know? 

They are your female consumers… and you need to know because 86% of marketers don’t believe agencies or clients understand marketing to women. A  report from insight and consultancy business Kantar showed that financial institutions, for example, are losing out on a £130bn business opportunity by not appealing to women. And what may shock you more is that 91% of women also think marketing is failing them.

But don’t have nightmares! We set up Redshoe, to address this very issue. We are the only Design Agency in the UK that specialises in speaking ‘woman’.

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Redshoe can help you, call us and rest easy this Halloween!



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