Celebrating Dads This Fathers Day

We think dads are amazing and we hope you will too when you check out this brilliant new advert from Dove.

We all know men sometimes don’t get the recognition or seek the limelight for being a great dad. It’s something they just do, because they’re dads.
But from the outside their wives and partners see the incredibly special role they play bringing up their children. Perhaps it’s this female perspective on fatherhood that the ad strikes a chord and connects with, no doubt because these women are the very people who’ll be buying the majority of father’s day gifts this weekend.
What’s really striking is that the ad doesn’t feel overly sentimental, it still has a masculine, everyday edge to it. We think this is perfect example of how you can create enduring and inclusive advertising and how marketeers can strike the balance between connecting emotionally with both men and women.
It’s time to celebrate dads and a great ad. Happy fathers day!


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