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Why ‘Looking The Part’ is a trend worth capturing in your packaging design…


As the old traditional status of ‘what I have’ becomes overshadowed by those looking more to experiences to differentiate themselves, consumers are embarking on a status shift to ‘who I am.’ This need for self-improvement – to be more creative,

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5 Key Trends Fueling the Health & Wellness Lifestyle

trends recipe to thrive

Legislation, food trends, consumer shifts and an ever evolving health and wellness movement are still challenging the food and beverage industry. The interpretation and translation of trends is essential for brands to differentiate in an oversaturated market place – to find inspiration for

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Special K – ‘Own it’ or ‘Blown it’?


Unbelievably, only a couple of weeks ago we saw Dove take a dive into the feathery pit of campaign fails! Their bid to to impress their loyal consumer with a tongue in cheek portrayal of women’s bodies represented by different

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What happened to the Dove appeal?

dove appeal

Whilst Dove led the way and opened so many doors in marketing to ‘real’ women, it appears their latest campaign has failed to impress? Why? Below, Sam Ellison, one of our founders believes that Dove needs to once again focus

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Brands Have To Be Transparent Or They May See Themselves Obsolete!

Transparency is crucial for brands to succeed

                                Last year saw the rise of the design trend “Essentialism” built around the concept of ‘enough is enough.’ In appreciation of consumers being busy

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DESIGNtalk: Enjoying a Break From Perfect Symmetry

QScreen Shot 2017-02-22 at 14.09.39

We all love a bit of a break from perfect ..and we love this packaging! #BeautyOfImperfection This bold rebrand for Higgidy has a completely new identity and packaging, featuring illustrations inspired by mismatched ceramic plates. The designs celebrate the “hand-finished”

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‘Sensploration’: A journey worth taking for luxury brands to stay ahead of the curve – and why packaging has to play a bigger part.

Glenlivet Alpha- Master your senses

With Global Luxury slowdown, there is an increasing need for luxury brands to diversify in new and alternative directions. Indeed, it will be the savvy brands and marketers who reassess the nature of luxury in 2017 and strategically evolve their

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Redshoe Shares It’s Unique Planning Tools With Brand Leaders

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 22.31.06

Redshoe Partner Manucore’s #PLF16 Manucore is where over 60 senior members of the Manucore community gather to debate, share ideas and network. Sam and Emma, Redshoe founders, spent time listening and speaking with executives from the likes of Coty, Coca-Cola,

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Female Consumers Are Dictating The Pace Of Change.


Leading marketing To Women Design Agency, Redshoe, know that for brands to gain a competitive advantage they will need to build better and more connected creative solutions to share Her emotional and intellectual journey. It goes without saying that looking

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Let The Imagination Of A Child Be A Brands New Innovation


WE LOVE THE IDEA OF BRANDS BUILDING INSIGHT FROM THE MINDS OF CHILDREN Brands are always looking for new innovations and processes to create better solutions, so who knows how pertinent and powerful any insight could be that is gathered from

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Final Redshoe_Millennials_Infographic_V2_AW-3 (dragged)

BRANDS – don’t underestimate the massive influence the female-millennial consumer has on sales across all consumer spending in the UK – and this is set to grow. Millennials are turning away from materialism and traditional measures of success, and instead focusing

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We love this fabulous bit of social media by Sainsbury’s, which went viral, and now Vegan cheese is known nationally as ‘Gary.’ It’s brilliant! It started with a facebook rant with customers disagreeing over whether the term ‘cheese’ was appropriate

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Be-the-Fun-Mom-4-Creative-Ways-to-Up-the-Laughter-Factor-W-11121-23d10df8ad-1466874922 copy

 IT IS SHOCKING TO LEARN THAT 91% OF MUMS FEEL BRANDS DON’T UNDERSTAND THEM.  BRANDS ARE MISSING A TRICK… Because ‘MUMS’ have a massive influence on their sales whether as Primary Consumer, Gatekeeper or using her Power of Veto        

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Nespresso consumer experience

An immersive coffee experience anyone? There’s a new generation of consumer making demands in the market – one that seeks to connect on a more personal level and immerse themselves into a brand’s authenticity as a shared experience. And this

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FRONT PAGE NEWS with Redshoe’s Design Genius, Emma Jones

packaging news image

Brilliant to see our own Emma or ‘Jones’ featured on the front cover of Packaging News with the accolade of Quote of the Month. And a statement that clearly struck a chord. “Packaging Design IS The Forgotten Tool In Marketing,”

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WITH RED SHOES ON Sam & Emma Take Centre Stage At Elite Business Live


 Quite honestly, we can’t say that Excel London is the easiest of venues to get to – but once decamped there was plenty going on. Wall-to-wall with speakers (our Sam & Emma being the main talking point) seminars, workshops and

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The ‘Essential’ Trend In Packaging Design


Consumers are looking for a different expression of quality, and one key trend ‘ESSENTIALISM’  is for brands to move towards packaging that is simple, with clear story telling and distinctive structures  – there is still huge respect for products that have

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Lonely Strips Women Back To Reveal The Truth About Their Unique Diversity And Integrity


Marketing to women has never been so exciting and honest. It is stripping idealism and perfectionism right back and instead identifying with the core values of women, with more integrity and diversity than ever before. Lingerie brand, Lonely understands the

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Gender Neutral Marketing Is Not The Answer To Gender Fluidity

Gender Neutral Marketing Is Not The Answer To Gender Fluidity copy 2

As Published in The Huffington Post Intuitive design is mutually inclusive – not mutually exclusive – driving emotion through strong visual context. It appeals to the senses, not to a gender, to communicate what it is, what it does, how

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Yesterday this article here caught our eye. It talks of the future of marketing to women, and we couldn’t agree with it more. Got to congratulate Unilever as a true champion of the cause – not only in creating some

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Creating female appeal – M2W Day 2

mktg blog

Read our article with the Marketing Blog where we shared some of the secrets for generating female appeal from day 2 of M2W conference in NY.  

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Red shoe talks Millennials with the DRUM


With the latest thinking and insight from 2016 M2W global conference New York, please enjoy our article exclusively written for the DRUM on what all marketers need to know about Millennials:

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Can brands really inspire cultural change?

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.46.03

India is a culture that is renowned for its conservatism towards gender roles, which makes Proctor & Gamble’s new campaign for their Ariel brand even more powerful. Results from a P&G survey of men, women and children in India showed

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Turtle Wax Life Gets Mucky Campaign

  Check out our new Turtle Wax advertising Life Gets Mucky Campaign

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If you’ve decided to swap the edamame beans for a slice of cake and ditch your new years resolutions already, rest assured you’re not alone, in fact after 2 weeks nearly half of us have gone back on our promises

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Awakening the force in women

force awakens

  You may have just heard on the grapevine that there’s a new star wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’ and it premieres this week around the world. And this one is different! Yes it’s the first proper sequel and one that features the cast

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Redshoe Appointed to M2W Global Steering Committee

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 15.52.40

M2W® (the world’s largest event for marketing to women) is delighted to appoint UK brand design agency Redshoe to it’s Global Steering Committee for 2016. In it’s role Redshoe joins marketeers and industry experts from twenty five countries around the world

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Turtle Wax Appoints Redshoe Design as Strategic Partner

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.22.52

We’ve loved everything about working with this iconic brand, read more here  

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Our article in Cosmopolitan


Once upon a time, advertising had a free pass to patronise women. So have things really changed and are brands really making an effort to catch up? Find out here Sam, Emma & Dave

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Win over women and men will follow…


Read our latest article from the Guardian here which lifts the lid on how emerging brands can best win over women.    

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The 8 Key marketing to women trends: Day 2 at the M2W conference

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 18.21.08

Read all about our thoughts on the big 8 marketing to women trends from Day 2 at the M2W conference Chicago in our Marketing article below:        

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Day one trends from the M2W conference!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 18.21.08

We’re delighted to be at the M2W conference today in Chicago where we’re blogging about the next big thing in marketing to women, like Wellness, co-shopping and emotion. Click on the link below for the blog as featured in todays Marketing magazine.

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This girl always could


The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign by sport England launched in the UK this month with the aim of  inspiring women to as they put it ‘wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome’. It’s

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A penny for her thoughts…


The recent NewsLifeMedia report has discovered 6 mindsets that women move between when interacting with the outside world.  Social identity “Me, myself and I”  Her need to connect with her tribe, sharing the same interests- 94% of women in the social

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Victoria’s Dark Secret?

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 14.15.04

How does the new Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ campaign make you feel? Join the discussion here…

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Is anyone buying gender marketing?


You can hardly look through the latest marketing news at the moment without stumbling upon the very latest gender marketing buzzword, last month it was all about Femvertising, this week it’s ‘Fempowerment’ but it left us asking what does this

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Why Women are now ‘Player 1′


Think of the typical video ‘gamer’ and chances are you’d apply the usual stereotypes. But this report by the Guardian newspaper reminds us why stereotypes are often lazy and incorrect; and why we can all run the risk of missing great

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The Five Guiding Principles To Help Brands Engage With Women


Our latest article from The Guardian this week….  

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Always there…

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 15.28.16

We love the new Always ad! It’s managed to expose a hugely important social perception, that ‘being a girl’ is sadly imbued with largely negative characteristics. What they’ve also managed to do and (here’s the clever part) is make this kind

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Celebrating Dads This Fathers Day

Dove Advert - Marketing to Women

We think dads are amazing and we hope you will too when you check out this brilliant new advert from Dove. We all know men sometimes don’t get the recognition or seek the limelight for being a great dad. It’s

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The First World Cup For Women Too?

Girl Watching Sports

Here’s our article from this weeks The Grocer plus a lovely picture of Sam there!

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Take Comfort In the Differences

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 15.10.02

There’s a strong call for gender specific marketing, but it’s not something we believe in. That’s because making things ‘overtly female specific’ can result in crude solutions that are patronising to the very women brands are trying to appeal to.

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From a father to his daughter

Father & Daughter

We read this article and it really made us think. The differences and the connections between men and women is of constant wonderment to us all. Perhaps men’s judgement of women is never as touching, real and honest as when they’re

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Girls Can

Girls Can?

An interesting note of defiance in an advert for P&G’s covergirl ad which perhaps we wouldn’t have seen a few years back. But when does an attempt to explode a preconception of “Girl’s Can’t” leave us  asking – who said

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Seeing women as they really are


At last image libraries are listening to us, bringing an authentic representation of women. Capturing thought provoking, sensitive photography Getty images has added new collections to it’s site in response to a growing commercial need to represent real women without

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