Always there…

We love the new Always ad!
It’s managed to expose a hugely important social perception, that ‘being a girl’ is sadly imbued with largely negative characteristics. What they’ve also managed to do and (here’s the clever part) is make this kind of observation relevant and empowering to their brand.
It’s no secret that the transition point from childhood to adolescence is not always plain sailing! It’s also an incredibly important engagement point for the brand with new consumers, and like most intro’s, first impressions really count. Getting it right like this and you create brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime.
This coming of age also carries with it poignancy and significance with a much broader group of women, not least mums.
Brands that can help us navigate our rights of passage will forever be held in affection. By demonstrating empathy and sensitivity Always have reminded us all of our potential and simply ask that we fulfil it with them.
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