A penny for her thoughts…

The recent NewsLifeMedia report has discovered 6 mindsets that women move between when interacting with the outside world.
 Social identity “Me, myself and I”  Her need to connect with her tribe, sharing the same interests- 94% of women in the social identity mindset like to act as the expert and share what they know with other people
Intimacy “No (Wo)man is an island”  Fostering deep relationships with her inner circle- 75% of women believe that switching off from technology allows them to foster their relationships
Status “Mirror, mirror on the wall”  She seeks recognition and validation, particularly through social media- 54% of women agree that it’s important that people see them looking and feeling their best
Creativity “Express yourself”  Expressing herself and creating new things; through her home, style, food- 91% of women will seek knowledge and opinion of experts when in the creativity mindset
Expansion “Me 2.0”  Expanding her world, new experiences, new ways of thinking- 85% live life to the fullest by learning and experiencing new things
Challenge & Achievement “Ready, set… go me”  Setting and achieving goals, big and small, for her- 77% of women get a sense of fulfilment through challenging themselves with personal goals
With no linear pattern in purchase behaviour it’s clear that a single ‘magic bullet’ does not exist to marketeers when targeting women.
This fluid ever moving decision making process intrigued us and highlights how brands are having to come to terms that existing, traditional methods of engaging with women  simply aren’t as effective as they could be. It’s self evident that there’s so much potential engagement out there to be tapped into for those brands who are willing to adapt and uncover the richer real life motivations of their female consumers.
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